Busy times @ZebonIT Limited

If you are wondering why things seem to have gone quiet; don’t be alarmed!

I have been exceptionally busy in the last months with a wide variety of engagements;

  • PCI DSS audits for massive companies based in UK and in Europe
  • GDPR Consultancy long term contract work for an International based travel and holiday company.

I have also partnered up with a fabulous group at DAMM Solutions to be a key member of their GDPR Consultancy team and it is proving every bit as exciting given that the UK businesses seem to have woken up from the slumber of Data Protection and what it means to their business.

I think the ICO advertising and some of the recent epic Data Breaches with Facebook / Cambridge Analytica and the CLOUD Act in the US are helping with the positive momentum.

If you are still sitting on the fence; don’t panic. There is time and it is better to have started and made a plan and sought help than to bury your head in the sand.

By all means contact me @ZeboinIT as per this website or DAMM Solutions. We are happy to help.


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