GDPR and me

It’s serious stuff the GDPR.

Anyone that is just starting on their journey, or those of us that are entrenched in the doing, the study of it and spreading the word, can often feel like we are just sweating a lot worrying about the what, who and how of it all. So I took a step back from the headache inducing complexity of it and I wondered how, if I applied the principles to me personally, what I would come up with and this is it;


  • Lawfulness, Fairness & Transparency
    • No court convictions yet ..
    • Blonde hair when I was young (that count?) ..
    • Caucasian and pretty fair skinned getting more translucent by the hour ..
  • Purpose Limitation
    • I am male and I am told repeatedly that we serve none and so am continuously striving for this ..
  • Minimisation and Proportionality
    • Drastically trying to lose weight to become more proportioned …
  • Quality and Accuracy
    • Are they talking about me aging like a fine wine or implying the opposite .. interpretations !?
    • My spelling is graet with my spell cheque off, so I am alwrite ..
  • Storage Limitation
    • Trust me my grey matter is storage limited ..
  • Integrity and Confidentiality
    • Two sides to a triangle make a roof right so I should be dry ..
  • Accountability
    • I am married with kids and we all know what that means ..


I hope it brightens up your day – it did mine when writing it !


#GDPR #Smile #Laugh

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